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Commission Information


[email protected]

To keep everything in one place, all discussion is via email only.
(By commissioning me, you confirm that you are 18 years of age or older.)

all prices in USD, Paypal Invoice only
options not listed here can be discussed

Thigh Up

Full Color -- $80
Flat Color -- $60

Full Body

Full Color -- $100
Flat Color -- $80

see 'completed work' button above for full gallery

Add-ons & Price Adjustments

  • Additional Characters -- Same price as first

  • Generic Faceless Hentai Guy -- Free - $50 (by how much is shown)

  • Dialogue / Speech / Text -- Free, but you must provide the text you want

  • Alt. Versions -- $5 - 20+ (nude, expressions, etc)

  • Very Simple Alts -- Free (no fluids, etc)

  • Wings, Large Props, etc. -- $5 - 20 (depending on size/amount/complexity)

  • Backgrounds -- $15 - 20

  • Simple Backgrounds -- Free (transparent, flat color, bed sheets, etc)

  • Private -- +10% on total price

  • Anonymous -- No additional fee

content policy & restrictions

Will draw

  • SFW / NSFW / R18 / R18G

  • Any sex / gender / sexuality

  • Any body type

  • Any species (animal, furry, mech, etc. incl.)

  • Blood / Gore / Guro

  • Most Kinks & Fetishes (see below)

Will Not Draw

  • Loli / Shota (SFW OK)

  • Real People ('sonas' OK)

Note on "kinks/fetishes"
I’m open to hearing any ideas if you’re interested in bringing them to me.
Even if your original idea might not be my thing, I’m willing to discuss potential compromises.
I’m here to create something we can both be happy with - not to judge you for having the ‘wrong’ kinks.
(A shorter way to put it: In this house, we do not kinkshame. Don't be afraid to bring me whatever you've got in mind.)

Terms of Service & Other Information


  • All commissions are for non-commercial, personal use of the client only.

  • I (the artist) reserve the right to share the final art on any website(s) of my choice unless a 10% fee is paid to keep the commission private to the client.

  • You (the client) may also share the final art on any website(s) you choose to, as long as the non-commercial, personal use condition is respected.


  • No payment required to enter the queue.

  • The invoice will be sent before I start working.

  • If you're already in the queue, price changes will not apply retroactively.

  • If you need to be removed from the queue, please let me know as soon as possible.


  • If I'm unable to complete the commission, I will notify and refund payment accordingly.

  • If work had been started prior to cancellation, you may keep any in-progress art I have sent.

  • Otherwise, no refunds will be given. Please be 100% sure you want to commission me.


  • At the sketch approval stage, 2 large edit rounds maximum before extra charges apply.

  • Any revisions requiring additional payment must be paid for via invoice.

  • If something is important to your commission, please be specific as early as possible.

  • Color changes at the flats stage are no additional fee.


  1. You send me an email with your commission idea. Please include all necessary information (cropping/coloring, character references, etc) up front.

  2. I add you to the queue.

  3. When I am ready to start, I send you an invoice.

  4. You pay the invoice.

  5. I send you the sketch draft.

  6. You approve the sketch or request edits to your liking.

  7. I add lines and flat colors, then send it to you for a second confirmation. (Flat commissions are finished at this stage.)

  8. You approve the colors or request edits.

  9. I add shading (& etc) and send you the completed commission.